LUC1G07CH1 Entertainment


Current Projects

Dotspaces is a Visual Novel + RPG Hybrid series developed by LUC1G07CH1 Entertainment.
The first game, ACT 1 tells the story of the young girl Luciyn, whose pet toad is the son of
the goddess. Wacky, right?


Yandere-Simulator inspired game with NES/8-bit graphics.
This game tells the story of Hitomi, a lady already born with the evil.
However, one day, somebody finally softened her heart.

Queen of The Streetz

RPG Maker game with all-original assets.
A cat with a mission to find her owners. However, it seems that the stray
cats are having big problems. Well, the owners can wait.

Older Projects
  • Moth Fuz Valley (Might Get Canceled)
  • Enchanted Soul (Hiatus)
  • Chick3nz (Might Get Canceled)
  • DessertWars (Completed)
  • Humantale (Canceled)
  • Street Catz (Completed)